Other Links You May Want To Click

The following are a list of websites that are:

a) awesome
b) amusing
c) referenced in a blog post
d) any combination of the above.

As the title says, you may or may not want to click on these.  I just figured I’d throw them up here.

1) Better World Books This is a company that collects used books, resells them, and sends a donation to literacy programs each time you buy one.  It’s good for your bookshelf, your wallet, and your karma-collecting soul.

2) Front Door Studios  This is an excellent blog done by Kim Ramey, the artist gracious enough to let me create fruit-based murder scenes in her house and also the artist behind my living room wall mural.  She’s an amazing painter, and you should go check it out.

3) Forbidden Future: A Time Travel Anthology A short story of mine, called “The Mountains Haven’t” is included in this anthology of 7 time-travel stories by 7 different authors. Even though we all got the exact same prompt, the stories all go in very different directions. There’s something for everyone in here, but you can feel free to read the last story first (because that’s mine.)

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