Dallas Developments: Day 69

20 Jul

It’s a typical day here at the Anderson Used Book Emporium and Rabbit Salon (as it’s known on FB, much to the confusion of my neighbors). Alice & Hatter are quietly plotting their escape from the kitchen while Dallas is peacefully knocking books off the lowest shelves in the library. No one has declared war on each other yet today, and the chew toy supplies are holding out.

As it’s a typical day for me, I thought I’d write about Dallas’s typical day. He’s become a creature of habit, and there’s very little that will make him deviate from his schedule. He’s so exact, I’m 83% convinced that he’s hiding a pocketwatch somewhere in that furry white coat.

8:45 am: 1st breakfast request. Like an alarm clock, he’ll get louder if you ignore him. After 9 am, you’re in big trouble.

9:45 am: Playtime. It takes Dallas about an hour to wake up, eat, and get restless. He pulls on his pen to let you know it’s time to unclip it and let him out. He’ll spend next 2 hours still inside his pen, but the doors had better be open.

12 pm: playtime in earnest. Dallas has now finished his breakfast (he’s a grazer now, instead of an oh-my-gosh-you-finally-fed-me gobbler) and his mid-morning naps, and is ready to play. This mostly involves bouncing on the couches and seeing if he can still crawl underneath various pieces of furniture (spoiler alert- he can.)

2 pm: dead bunny flop time. Down to the minute, Dallas will be in position and ready to flop. A bath often precedes this event, but I’ve seen him stop in the middle of a foot and flop. There’s video proof.

2:01- 7 pm: naptime. Nothing disturbs Dallas’s slumber during this time. Not noisy humans, not vacuums, not thunderstorms- nothing. He’ll open one ruby eye, glare at the offender, and go right back to sleep. He also twitches in his sleep. There’s video proof of that too.

7:01 pm: 1st greens request. He’ll ask, but if you feed him now, he won’t touch them. Then he won’t eat them later, because they’ve been sitting out for 3 hours. Instead, he gets a papaya treat, which is probably what he’s really after anyway.

7:02- 10 pm: careful observations. Dallas is awake, and watching every move. He follows feet and sits at gates, just staring. I don’t know what he uses that intelligence for, but it’s probably nothing good. If there’s no interesting activity, he heads into the library to critique (& sometimes devour) a book or two.

10 pm: Dallas loses his mind. The clock strikes 10 and Dallas shifts into Ultra Mode. There are laps around the library, laps around the living room, demands for treats and greens (he gets his greens at 10, and promptly devours them), and generally bunny chaos. He’s shedding now, so he leaves a trail of white fur in his wake. 

11-11:45 pm: bedtime. This is the only unpredictable part of Dallas’s day. At some point after 11, he’ll have had enough. His mischief will escalate and will land him back in his pen. He’s still learning the command “pen,” but the sound of the papaya bag opening is enough to draw him in no matter where he is hiding. Once he’s in his pen and the lights are off, he’s content until the next morning.

For the curious, Alice & Hatter follow the same schedule in their kitchen-based kingdom, but without the mid-afternoon nap. There’s two of them after all. They tag-team on the mischief.

And that’s a typical day at the Anderson Used Book Emporium and Rabbit Salon. I can no longer see any of the rabbits as I type this, but I can hear three faces shoved into three food bowls. Clearly, all stomachs are on schedule. šŸ™‚


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