The New Couch

2 Jan

The new couch is here. It was delivered today within the appointment window, in perfect condition, by a very professional team, and without any incident to the walls, doors, or other features of the apartment complex.

Hey, they can’t all be blog-worthy stories.

To make up for this, here’s a picture of the new couch. It’s a very grown-up looking sort of couch, which is unfortunate as it’s destined for a life of being sprawled upon and subjected to bad television, video games, and the rabbit.

I guess even couches can’t win ’em all.



One Response to “The New Couch”

  1. duaimei February 1, 2014 at 8:37 pm #

    That’s a really good looking couch. It looks really great with that room! It also looks super comfortable.

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