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The High Horse(-Sized Pill) Of Judgment, Or Why I Can Never Go Back To That Pharmacy

5 Oct

My doctor prescribed lipoflavonoid for my persistantly troublesome ears the other day. It’s a vitamin, but is apparently in high-enough demand to be kept behind the pharmacy counter. That led to the following conversation.

Pharmacist: Here are your new vitamins. *hands me bottle of horse-sized pills* (To clarify, I don’t mean that the pills are large enough for a horse to take, but rather that each pill is roughly the size of a horse.)

Me: Do they come in gummy form?

Pharmacist: *awfully judgmental look for someone entrusted with patient privacy* No. They’re for adults.

Me: *trying to be cool* Oh, I only ask because they fit better into my pill reminder if they’re gummy.

Pharmacist: *long pause* Uh-huh. It’ll be $10.98.

Me: I’ll pay with a credit card. I have one of those, because I am an adult.

The worst part of this story is that I totally missed my chance to tell someone to get off their high horse-sized pills. And also the pills definitely don’t fit in my daily vitamin reminder. Because they’re horses.

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