Up, Down, and All Around

13 Sep

It occurred to me sometime last month that I needed to get back into blogging, since my brain does better with the weekly pressure release of writing a post. It took me until today to finally sit down and write a post. I’d say this is out of character for me to delay something, but really, it isn’t.

So, here’s what I’ve been doing since July 16th:

  • I learned to not be afraid to ask for stuff because sometimes, people will be willing to give it to you. It turns out that the saying, “you’ll never know unless you ask” is true. Who knew? I also learned that I have people in my life who will be enthusiastic about my projects and supportive of my goals, even if such projects and goals are a bit odd. This was an excellent discovery, and I’m ashamed at how long it took me to arrive at it.


  • I got fed up with my vertigo and started working with a new doctor to get some answers. With the cross-country flights I have for work every few months, it’s no longer a workable solution to just treat the attacks when they happen.  So, I’ve been undergoing some tests. Some of these have been far more pleasant than others. One of them was called a VNG test, which I’m pretty sure stands for Violent Nausea Generator, because that’s exactly what it does. The doctor was trying to identify my vertigo triggers, and I’d say he found them because I had vertigo for three days straight afterwards.


  • I went to Dragon*Con and for once, I didn’t overspend. The overspending part came afterwards, when I had a friend in town from England and we set out to do as many American things as possible in two weeks.  It was worth it until he informed me that he wasn’t supposed to cross state lines AS WE WERE CROSSING A STATE LINE.  So, you know, at least I got to cross “commit a minor felony” off my bucket list.  And if anyone from the government asks, Chattanooga is now part of Georgia.


  • We finished filming the web series and began the long process of editing. You can see the official trailer here: Life Online Trailer. Thank you to all of our supporters for helping make this dream literally come true.


  • I had a short story published. Which is surprising, considering that I forgot the name of said story after submitting it and nearly missed out on the acceptance email.  You see, I had something like seven months to write the story, but due to a variety of factors totally within my control, I ended up writing the vast majority of it on the deadline day. I submitted it, and didn’t hear anything until the list of selected titles came out.  I didn’t see what I thought was the name of my story, so I assumed I’d been rejected.  Five months later, I got an email from the publisher asking if I was still interested in having my story as part of the anthology, but he referred to the story by a title I didn’t recognize.  As it turns out, I had submitted my story under a different title than I had thought, and then forgotten. That’ll teach me to second guess my titles. And also to make better notes on what I submit for publication.

The anthology is out now as an ebook on Amazon. You can buy it by clicking here: Forbidden Future. 12 cents of every copy goes to me, so I’m going to      need about a thousand of you to buy it. (I’m just kidding. There aren’t 1,000 of you reading this blog. I’ll be lucky to make enough to buy a few packs of              gluten-free ramen off the book. But you know what? That doesn’t make it any less cooler to see my name in print.)


That’s about it for what I’ve been up to this summer. As we head into fall, I get to look forward to the annual conversation with my grad school loan company over how much I make and how much I should send them each month. I imagine the conversation will be more animated this year, as they’ll have found out about my full-time job. On the plus side, that means more regular posts full of the monetary-related ramblings you’ve come to expect over the last year and a half.

So, you know, there’s that.


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