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A Brief Conversation

24 May

Calf muscles: Hey, I’m just going to do some sudden cramping. That’s cool, right?

Me: No, go back to sleep.

Heart rate: Sorry, I’m just going to speed up a bit because THERE’S A BEETLE ON YOUR FACE!

Me: ARGH! It’s gone. Can we go back to sleep now?

Toes: We’re already asleep.  Well, half of us are.  And just to mess with you, it’s every other toe that’s asleep. Enjoy figuring that one out.

Me: Sleep. Now.

Stomach: Oh, hey guys- is it time for breakfast? I’d like breakfast. Breakfast. Breakfast. Breakfast.

Me: nooooo….

Brain: Excellent, we have a quorum. Who would like to hear a story that I just made up?


And now you know why I am up at 6 am.

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