Shameless Plug (Well, Maybe A Little Bit Of Shame)

21 Feb

Back in January of this year, a friend and I launched a new blog project called What The Health.  We decided to put our Master’s of Public Health degrees to work, and translate the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act into plain English.  Our rationale is that if everyone can understand what’s in those 907 pages, then they’ll be able to make better decisions about their healthcare.

We’re strictly non-partisan in this project, and we’re not being paid by anyone.  As public health people, we just wanted to cut through all the incorrect and biased information out there, and provide the real wording.  We also decided to do it in a way that doesn’t put people to sleep.

Today we posted episode 6.  We’re now 50 pages into the PPACA, and we need your help.  As I said before, we’re trying to not put people to sleep with our blogs and video.  If you can spare 3:24 seconds (because that’s how long the video is this week) and let us know if we’re awesome or awful, we’d really appreciate it.  Click the link, and take your pick of watching the video or reading the blog.  They’re pretty much the same thing, but one involves a chalkboard background drawn by my awesome other friend, Katie B.


What The Health Episode 6


A note from my anxiety-ridded self: please don’t tell us that we’re awful.  That would make us sad. Do feel free to pass the blog along to anyone you think might find it interesting. We love getting blog views. That makes us happy, and easier to bear it when people tell us that we’re awful.


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