Quick Turnaround

12 Nov

I am home from my first business trip- five days in San Antonio, Texas.  It was pretty enjoyable.  The hotel was nice, the food was excellent, and I learned quite a bit more about the company and our clients.  Even after processing it all over the weekend, I still think it was a great trip, and I’m glad to have had the opportunity to go.

Even if I did manage to burst an eardrum on the plane and develop a sinus/ear infection.

So, you know, pros and cons there.

On Saturday, I used my new health insurance (hooray new health insurance!) to go visit Urgent Care.  I got two medications for my ears, and I’m glad to report that they are definitely working.  I can hear almost properly, and more importantly, I can move without feeling the fluid in my ears slosh around like a kayaker in a hurricane.

Naturally, I have to get back on a plane tomorrow for business trip #2.  This time, it’s five days in Los Angeles.

Hopefully, the plane trip won’t mess with my ears, and I won’t get a seatmate who just has to share his newest virus acquisition.  Luckily, I’ve come up with a plan for the germs:

A) clowns totally belong in bubbles. Like, at all times. Bonus if they are steel-reinforced bubbles with no exits. B) This will also settle any armrest territory disputes that may arise with seatmates.

Plans for next week aside, I’ve spent today doing all those tasks that need doing before you go out of town for a week:

  • doing laundry
  • cleaning out the bunny cage
  • cleaning the bathroom & bedroom
  • doing more laundry
  • deciding which books to bring on this trip
  • checking on why the dryer stopped drying halfway through the cycle
  • arguing with the bunny over possession of a sock that missed the laundry basket
  • answering personal emails, voicemails, etc
  • threatening the dryer with a monkey wrench when it stops drying yet again
  • catching up on a week’s worth of TV shows
  • giving up on the dryer and finding rope to make a clothesline
  • realizing it’s raining outside
  • realizing you packed for the trip without consulting the weather forecast
  • having to repack your suitcase
  • arguing with the bunny over possession of yet another sock
  • spending an hour consoling the bunny after you shouted at her over a sock
  • spending twenty minutes sewing the new holes in said sock
  • discovering that it’s 2 pm and the suitcase is not packed, the clothes are not dry, the books are not selected, the bunny is still pouting, and you’ve forgotten to eat lunch… and breakfast.

I never thought I say this, but thank goodness Thanksgiving is next week.  I’m off from the full-time job, and am looking forward to a comparatively relaxing week of working the retail job.

This is either a Wal-Mart on Black Friday or the boarding line for my next flight.  At this point, I’m not sure which.

While you all decide if you’d rather be stuck in the crowd or be the one holding the key on the other side of the locked door, I’m off to do battle with a clothes dryer.  And pack.  And, you know, eat.


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