Speaking Of

17 Sep

I’ve been thinking hard about what I wanted to write about today.

I kept hoping inspiration would strike.

It didn’t.

Instead, I ended up with lots of little things that I’m excited about that happened this past week, and no real way to tie them all together except through a series of clever (and not-so-clever) segues.  So, here we go.

Speaking of beginning, I started my new job last Monday.  For a full-time job, it seems like I’m doing a lot less work than I was as a consultant.  This is mostly because I’m going through an orientation program, and last week was full of meetings.  This week is also full of meetings, but more productive meetings and I have more control over the schedule.   I’m looking forward to getting back to compiling reports (which is something I never thought I’d say), if only because it’s something tangible and tangible things make me feel like I’ve actually earned my pay.

Speaking of tangible things, I am now the proud owner of a new website domain.  This is for the secret project that I keep hinting about.  If all goes according to plan, come late October, you will all be in on the secret.

Speaking of secrets, I’ve been tweaking my budget to reflect my new income levels (but I won’t post a new excel screenshot until next month- hence the secret part).  While the total monthly number isn’t much different from previous months, the sources and usages of that money is different.  Less of my income comes from my retail job, and I’m no longer setting aside money each month as estimated tax.  The good news is that I seem to have been overestimating that monthly tax amount.  Come next April, I may have some of that money back in my pocket.

Speaking of pockets, I had some trouble keeping my debit card in my pocket this month.  I got past the major hurdle that was Dragon*Con, but then the Shakerag Arts and Crafts Festival snuck up on me last weekend.  $50 later, I have three new kinds of jelly, and the dog has three new kinds of treats, a new bandana, and a new toy.  The lesson of the day is don’t take the dog to the arts and crafts festival.  People will be selling homemade dog treats and it is impossible to say no to a pair of big brown golden retriever eyes.

Go ahead, try to tell her no and mean it. I dare you. Also, how cute is that bandana??

Speaking of saying no, I have been thwarted once again in my attempt to locate a deluxe edition of volume 2 of Fables.  This is the one true comic book series that I read, although I read several manga series.  I have tried and failed multiple times to find this book.  You see, Fables has been running for years, and now they are collecting the series into deluxe hardcover volumes.  I have volume one.  The local comic book store has volumes 3-5.  Barnes and Noble have volumes 4 & 5.  Not one dealer at Dragon*Con had the deluxe editions.  They all had individual issues, but since none had the complete set that make up volume 2 and the local comic book store doesn’t carry the individual back issues of Fables, there wasn’t much point in purchasing any.  Last week, I thought I had lucked out and found the elusive volume 2 at Barnes and Noble.com.  I even had a 20% off coupon.  I ordered it, got a confirmation email, and even got a shipping notice.  Then I got an email that the shipment had been delayed.  Saturday, I got an email that it had been delayed again.  This morning, I got an email that basically suggested that I give up hope.  With great sadness, I cancelled the order.  One day, I will find this book.

Speaking of getting new books, someone bought my Sunday School kids a class set of bibles.  These are specialty bibles, which tell major biblical stories in terms that kids can understand, and are designed to fit with our current curriculum.  My church had three copies, one for each classroom.  That’s all we could afford.  Through the generosity of someone who doesn’t even attend my church, we now have 23 copies, more than enough for each kid in the two elementary classes to have their own each week.  It was the single biggest donation to the children’s ministry that I’ve seen in my two years as director, and it blows me away that someone who has never met these kids or seen how I run the program would believe in me enough to send a check of that size.

Speaking of checks, I just have to mention again how wonderful it is to know when my paycheck will arrive each month, how much it will be for, and that I won’t have to calculate an estimated tax amount.  Honestly, that might be the best perk that my full-time job offers- simple peace of mind.

Speaking of peace of mind, I’m going to stop with the terrible segues now.  Mainly because I’ve run out of things to say, but also because I care about all of your peace of minds.  I’m off to read my way through the stack of books on my nightstand.  Another excellent perk of my new job is having my evenings back to myself, which means time to read.

By the way, if you have any book recommendations, leave me a comment here.  And that’s not just another segue.


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