Finishing Strong

30 Aug

It’s T-20.5 hours until Dragon*C0n.

Naturally, I haven’t begun to search for my costumes.

I also haven’t quite finished making my costumes.

I also also haven’t finished work.

Basically, I’m right on schedule (for me, for cons).

The good news is that I’ll get it all done.  I’ll find my costumes, I’ll finish making the child Borg costumes, I’ll remember to be on time for my shift, and somehow I’ll cram everything into the car for the hour’s drive to Atlanta.  Heck, I’ll even probably remember to stop off at my brother’s apartment and pick up the cane that my roommate needs for her costume.

(She’s totally going as Wil Wheaton. Actually, as Wil Wheaton’s character Dr. Parrish on Eureka.  Wil Wheaton broke his ankle while filming so the writers rewrote it so Dr. Parrish had to miss the mission to Titan, which really sucked for Dr. Parrish (and probably Wil Wheaton too), but provided the PERFECT COSTUME for my roommate, who had already made an Astreaus uniform and then broke her foot last week.)  (Oh, and when I posted this on Twitter, WIL FREAKIN WHEATON REPLIED TO ME!)

So, not only did I tweet with Wil Wheaton, but the writer/producer of Eureka as well. *nerd flail*

The point of this chaotic post is this: I just have to remember that it will all get done.  It will all work out, things will be remembered, and anything that is forgotten can be adjusted for.

Sometimes I feel like I ought to tattoo that on my foot, so the next time I’m kicking myself for messing something up, I can remind myself that it’s probably not that big of a deal.

ooh, I bet there will be someone at Dragon*Con who could help me with that….*

With that, I’m off to work.  The Con runs through Monday, so I’ll be back on Tuesday, likely with pictures of children dressed as Star Trek aliens.  You’ve been warned.


*Note to mom- Kidding.  Totally kidding.  I mean, it would be way too expensive and take up way too much skin to have 24 words tattooed.  Oh, and there’s the whole needle thing too.


2 Responses to “Finishing Strong”

  1. karen September 1, 2012 at 5:03 pm #

    OH, oh oh oh oh. I wanted to come to Atlanta soooooo bad to go to Dragon Con too! Post some cool pictures!

    • Losing My Cents September 5, 2012 at 12:36 am #

      Pictures coming in the next day or two, once I figure out how this next post wants to be written. 🙂

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