Off To A Good Start

12 Jul

Last month, I twisted my knee oddly and ended up with a partial patellar dislocation.  This meant I got a fancy knee brace, three weeks of bonding time with said knee brace, and a referral to a physical therapist.  It also meant that I received a bill for a five-digit amount.  That’s right- at the bottom of my bill was a red Pay This Amount box with FIVE DIGITS inside, three of which were even in front of the decimal point! (Wait, did you think I meant something else by five digits?)

I reluctantly accepted this amount, waited until this month to address it, and sat down this morning to finally pay it.  I hate writing checks, since it takes a while for the amount to post to my account.  I don’t know about you, but I always spend that lag time trying to decide if the check made it to its intended recipient, or if it is wandering in a strange town stuffed in an ill-intentioned man’s back pocket.

Luckily, this doctor allows payment by credit card.  I grabbed my silver rectangle of instant-debit-gratification and dialed the office number.  The receptionist pulled up my account, and read me the outstanding balance.

People, I almost dropped the phone.  I asked her to repeat it twice.

My balance had lost two digits.  It was now a size three, with only one of those digits before the decimal point.  The offered explanation was that my health insurance company had paid up.

My health insurance company has never voluntarily paid on anything, ever.

I take this situation as proof that there is a God, and He knows how to work insurance companies.  In any case, I happily authorized the amount charged to my credit card, and hung up before the office could realize they made a terrible mistake and that decimal point was supposed to be two digits to the right.

This was a good beginning to the day.

Last night ended well too, actually.  I made these at Art Club:

Bonus: Dalek photo bomb.

Bonus: space painting my roommate made last night.

The only problem is that I’m too fond of them to put them on the bookcase.  I’d rather have them on my desk so I can play with them as needed.  So I did this:

Yes, that is a robot ball and a Ziploc bag of magnetic silver balls and words.  You should have known my desk would be odd. The Doctor Who bookends were your first clue.

I hope all of your days are off to a great start.  If not, do what millions of O2 subscribers in England are doing right now- turn it off and turn it back on.  (I’m betting exactly one of my readers will understand that.  For everyone else, it is a piece of recent advice from a cell phone company a la iPhone 4’s “hold it the right way” campaign.)  Talk to you all on Monday.


One Response to “Off To A Good Start”

  1. kim July 12, 2012 at 1:04 pm #

    my day is off to a great start because your blog and its humor made me chortle. chortling in the morning is a good thing.

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