Part 1

23 Apr

This week, you get two (count ’em) TWO Monday blog posts.  This first part is to brag about my guest post on the Masquerade Crew’s blog.  The Masquerade Crew (@masqcrew on Twitter) does promotion for independent and self-published authors, and also writes a fantastic blog.  They are taking part in the A to Z Challenge this month, and I got to write the T post:

T is for Tyops

“I typed fish instead of fist and the scene just went downhill from there.”

That’s a real quote from my housemate. She was merrily typing along when one character slammed his fish into another character’s jaw. The second character wondered aloud where the first character had gotten such a large salmon, especially since they were standing in the bowels of a castle in the middle of a land-locked nation. The first character replied that their story’s plot no longer held water. More aquatic puns ensued, and the writing project never really recovered.

I bet we can all cite at least one moment where our eyes came to a screeching halt on the page and the spell of the story was broken. For me, it was when Dumbledore…

Read the rest at:


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