An Open Letter to Honda Car Company

1 Feb

July 16th, 2010

Dear Honda,

I bought my 2006 Honda CR-V in August 2009 as a replacement for a well-loved but very worn-out 1994 Ford Explorer.  I didn’t really care what kind of car I got, as long as it could handle the Atlanta interstates and the crazy drivers that use them every day for at least two more years.  I looked at Honda at my mother’s urging.  She has had Honda Pilots for years and loves them, but I was looking for something smaller.  From the first time I drove the CR-V, I was in love.  The black leather interior, the green-gray exterior, the power sunroof, the 6-disc CD changer, the improved gas milage- I loved the car for all sorts of reasons.  But none of those turned out to be the reason I cried when I had to say good-bye to my CR-V this morning.

Last night at 6:45 pm, I was hit by a drunk driver. As I was making a right turn the driver of the other car slammed into the right rear of my CR-V at highway speed, causing my CR-V to flip entirely at least once before coming to a rest lying on the right side.  As soon as impact occurred, the side curtain airbags fully deployed and my seat belt locked in place.  All the windows except the rear window and the sunroof broke, but none shattered violently.  While I am shaken up and very sore and bruised, I have no scratches, cuts, broken bones, or head trauma.  Power was never lost to the CR-V, and in fact the CD player never even skipped!  My GPS was still functional, and kept insisting that it was “recalculating” until someone at the scene had the presence of mind to switch it off.  While the doors and roof were bent so none of the windows could open, I still had power to each one.  I was able to safely escape when witnesses to the accident pulled back the windshield, which was broken but still mostly in one piece.  When the wrecking crew arrived and flipped the CR-V back on its wheels, they found that the engine still worked and were even able to drive it on and off the tow truck.

I am positive that the only reason I am alive this morning, and that I was able to walk away from a crash that could have killed me, was due to the safety equipment that your company has developed and implemented into each and every one of your vehicles.  The design of the windows so that they will not shatter when broken saved me from a face full of glass shards.  The side curtain airbags that deployed on impact saved me from serious head trauma. The locking seat belt kept me from broken bones and internal injuries as my car rolled and skidded.  Seeing the CR-V this morning at the wrecking yard, pulling all my belongings out of it, and having to say a final good-bye to the car that has taken me 30,000 miles and through 7 states in the last 11 months brought home just how lucky I am to be alive today.  I owe my life to my CR-V and to your company.  I will never buy another brand of car again.


Katherine Anderson


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